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We accept Visa and MasterCard
We accept Visa & MasterCard

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Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Our mailing address is:
4561 Sinclair Bay Road
Garden Bay, B.C.
V0N 1S1

Manufacturers of Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets
made with Virgin Alloys for all Reloaders demanding
"Greater Accuracy"

Top Quality - Brinell Hardness Level 25

Magma Moulds - Bevelled Base for ease of loading

Hard Wax Lube

Excellent, fast and friendly customer service is always our priority!

Applicable Taxes and Shipping are "not" included in the following prices.

Please Ensure You Send Your Postal Code
When Requesting Your Shipping Quote!!

All prices quoted in Canadian dollars.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, e-Transfer and cheques for payments.

Same Day Shipping whenever possible.

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Ammo Boxes & Retail Price List

Current Stock is listed here... check back for new additions
Prices subject to change without notice.
Color of picture shown is not necessarily the color in stock.
All Ammo Boxes have Hinged Lids

Ammo Box Description


45-70 cal Ammo Box#411 Blue Ammo Box
45-70 cal     2.625" OAL
Capacity = 50
5 for $23.75
45-70 cal Ammo Box#111 Blue Ammo Box
45-70 cal     2.625" OAL
Capacity = 20
5 for $16.50
9mm/380 cal Ammo Box#401 Blue Ammo Box
9mm/380 cal     1.15 OAL
Capacity = 50
5 for
9 mm Ammo Box#001 Smoke Ammo Box
9 mm/380 cal     1.15 OAL
Capacity = 100
5 for $17.75
38/357 Ammo Box#403 Blue Ammo Box
38/357 cal     1.63 OAL
Capacity = 50
5 for $13.25
38/357 cal Ammo Box#003 Blue Ammo Box
38/357 cal     1.63 OAL
Capacity = 100
5 for $18.75
223 cal Ammo Box#405 Red Ammo Box
223 cal     2.26 OAL
Capacity = 50
5 for $13.25
243/308 cal Ammo Box#109 Clear Slip Top Ammo Box
243/308 cal
Capacity = 20
5 for $15.00
44/45 LC cal Ammo Box#407 Blue Ammo Box
44 Special, 44 Mag or 45 Long Colt cal
1.65 OAL
Capacity = 50
5 for $15.25
45 ACP/10 mm cal Ammo Box#408 Blue Ammo Box
45 ACP/10 mm cal     1.38 OAL
Capacity = 50
5 for $13.25
308 cal Ammo Box#409 Red Ammo Box
308 cal     2.90 OAL
Capacity = 50
5 for $17.00
Berry's 12 Ga. Ammo Box12 Ga.Shotshell Ammo Box
Holds 25 (3") Rounds
5 for $14.00
MTM CASE-GARD Rifle Ammo BoxMTM Rifle Flip-Top
Green Ammo Box
Holds 50 Rounds

MTM CASE-GARD rifle ammo boxes have mechanical hinges and the Snap-Lock latch protects contents from accidental spilling. Every ammo box is supplied with a load label for recording load and sight data. All rounds listed as bullet up, unless noted.

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