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We accept Visa & MasterCard

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Call Us Toll Free
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You can also call direct to
780 864 3384

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Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(Pacific Standard & Daylight Saving Time)

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Our mailing address is:
Box 6 St 9 RR 1
Spirit River, AB


Manufacturers of Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets
made with Virgin Alloys for all Reloaders demanding
"Greater Accuracy"

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Photo Gallery

Meet Andy & Lois Ross - founders and proprietors of The Bullet Barn, attending one of their Cowboy Action events, dressed for dinner, after a day of shooting.

A Trophy Lois Ross Won   Andy & Lois Ross   A Trophy Andy Ross Won

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A Cowboy Shoot Group Pic

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10th Anniversary Bullet Barn Cake

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a
BIG Thank You
to all our customers, friends, family & associates who helped us celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Bullet Barn.

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Preparations are underway for the 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Outside The Bullet Barn Shop   One view inside The Bullet Barn Shop   Another view inside The Bullet Barn Shop

The Festivities Have Started

Outside The Bullet Barn Shop   One view inside The Bullet Barn Shop   Another view inside The Bullet Barn Shop

The Bullet Barn at the Community Futures 2012 Showcase

We survived and built our business with determination, perseverance, hard work
and with the Assistance and Support of
Community Futures.

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Pic's from the July 2012 Heffley Creek/Palmer's Gulch Cowboy Action Shoot

Our Posse at Heffley Creek    Our Posse at the Heffley Creek Shoot
Andy aka "Aspen Sam" Shooting Andy shooting at Heffley Creek
Sheriff 65 Sheriff 65 (Dave) behind bars where he belongs... lol
Lois aka "Gitn D Leadout" Shooting Lois shooting at Heffley Creek
Getting Ready...    Getting ready for the group shoot
                                 Aiming...   Aiming for the group shoot
                                                      FIRE...   Firing at the group shoot

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Headquarters: The Pig War At Salmonella Gulch - August 2012

Shooting with Black Powder at The Pig War Start with holding your hat
Black Powder Shooting Start with holding your hat...

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BUSTUP at BOOM TOWN 2012, Courtenay, BC

This action shoot was full of fun and great props!

Inside The Saloon   Dressed for the Dance Hall Darling Contest

Scoping Out the Scene at Fort Whoop Up   Bad Bobby Blue Eyes Shooting   Hanging Out At the Jail

Boom Town Shot   Valley Express Train Station

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John Simmons at home with his plaquesIt is our pleasure to introduce a customer we sponser, John Simmons, a hi-speed handgun shooter. He is the 1st place winner for numerous years, in the Yukon Steel/Falling Plate Handgun Championship.

In June 2010, he added the prestigious "Chatanika Ironman", which is the result of a top 16 shoot-off at the Alaska Steel Challenge Championships. He was up against some very serious competition, winning the last of 5 strings against a shooter that placed 10th at the US Nationals just a few weeks earlier. He also won the 2011 open division of the Alaska Speed Steel State Championships.

A practise shot of John SimmonsThe 2010 & 2011 competitions were won with his new STI Steelmaster 9mm, which you will see in the photo below, but he has bought another gun - an STI Trubor, which looks identical to the Steelmaster, but built more specific to IPSC. A bit more barrel and more compensator also, that will increase velocities while keeping the muzzle flatter. Also, if he ever has a major malfunction at a competition, he can switch guns without penalty.

We are proud to say that he uses The Bullet Barn bullets exclusively for both practice and competitions. John remarks: "In my experience, the Bullet Barn bullets simply out-perform any cast bullets in accuracy, hardness, and overall quality." He offers his email address: Contact John to anyone interested in discussing his sport with him.

John Simmons 2010 Plaques & Gun   John Simmons 2010 Plaques

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